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UP Diliman ROTC holds Sixth Online Physical Readiness Training

The sixth synchronous PT was conducted last Saturday afternoon 241600 October 2020. Cadets began their second week of the Endurance Phase with a progression in Mobility and HIIT Drills. The purpose of this phase is to build the cardiovascular and muscular endurance of the cadets making their body able to […]

UP Diliman ROTC holds Fourth Online Physical Readiness Training

The fourth online PT was conducted last Saturday morning 10 October 2020. The session concluded the Toughening Phase of the UP ROTC PT program for Basic Cadets. The toughening phase is meant to strengthen the body and to prepare it for more intense exercises. This phase developed the cadets’ foundational […]

UP Diliman ROTC holds Second Online Physical Readiness Training

The second Online PT was conducted as a joint PT between the Alpha and Bravo Companies last Saturday 26 September 2020. The new exercises introduced were part of the Toughening Phase for the Basic Cadets and were based on the US Army Physical Readiness Training Program. These were the Hip […]

UP Diliman ROTC conducts First Online Physical Readiness Training

Thank you for joining us in our First Online PT, cadets! UP ROTC’s first online Physical Training was conducted through Zoom last Saturday, 19 September 2020. A total of 173 Basic Cadets voluntarily participated in the first PT session in their respective company meeting rooms. The session focused on the […]