UP Diliman ROTC holds Second Online Physical Readiness Training

The second Online PT was conducted as a joint PT between the Alpha and Bravo Companies last Saturday 26 September 2020.

The new exercises introduced were part of the Toughening Phase for the Basic Cadets and were based on the US Army Physical Readiness Training Program. These were the Hip Stability Drill, Bodyweight Fundamentals, and Cardio Drill.

The PT ended with a brief training on how to do the salute properly and a brief sharing of the cadets’ experiences so far from their Online ROTC Training.

Look forward to your next PT session, cadets! We will now move on to more progressive versions of the drill exercises.

Pugay Kamay

Pugay Kamay | Individual Drill

The salute is the highest form of Military Courtesy. We see it everywhere, but did you know that some people or movie references are doing it wrong?