Cadet Alumni Organization

Cadet Alumni Organization

Cadet Alumni Organization

The Cadet Alumni Organization (CAO) is a university-wide organization of basic ROTC graduates of UP ROTC, formed in 2012. The organization is a special interest organization that is non-profit, non-stock, and apolitical. CAO aims to promote and support the events of UP ROTC. The Cadet Alumni Organization is not affiliated with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.


We train ourselves to be competent, creative, prepared, and close-knit, to easily organize and effectively mobilize to face the challenges of nation-building and national crisis.


An organization of Volunteer Scholar-Reservists prepared to serve the Filipino people.

The activities and projects of the organization is composed mainly of supporting UP ROTC events such as taking documentation during events but not limited to Presentation of Sponsors, Turnover Ceremony, and Regional Annual Administrative Tactical Inspection (RAATI); and acting as an auxiliary force during but not limited to Color Details, Necro Details, DASH Run, Ceremonies, and Training Days. Members act either as Marshals, Honor Guards, or NCOs.

The CAO also organizes community projects such as relief operations along with UP ROTC, UPVI, or USC; and project care package which is an annual donation drive spearheaded by the organization for soldiers and citizens in need.

Internally, the CAO conducts regular physical training for cadet alumni who like group exercises in the hopes to promote camaraderie in the organization. UP CAO also organizes refresher training with subjects including but not limited to survival courses, self-defense, first aid, marksmanship, and rappelling.

Membership is open to all graduates of the Basic ROTC program from the University. Members are either a Regular member or an Honorary member. Regular members are those who graduated from UP ROTC. Honorary membership can be given to non-cadet alumni who are interested in ROTC training and have actively participated in CAO/UP ROTC events.


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