The U.P. ROTC Band

The U.P. ROTC Band

The UP ROTC Symphonic Band is the official marching band unit of UP ROTC. It primarily provides martial music for parades, reviews, and other ceremonies of the Corps. The U.P. ROTC Band is composed of students from the College of Music and enroll in the specialized ROTC Mil Sci ROTC Band course.

UP ROTC Symphonic Band members enjoy a scholarship and residence at the UP ROTC Barracks.

U.P. ROTC Band Leadership

Band Coordinator
CLtCol Jester Jay DV Buluran 1Cl

James Ryan Mixto
Chris Jowell Mangulabnan
John Gerald Calma

Paul Marlon De Guzman


The UP ROTC Symphonic Band was originally called the UP Band in 1912. It was renamed the UP ROTC Band after the UP Department of Military Science and Tactics was organized in 1922 by Major Robert A. Gilmore. After 2001, upon the addition of brass and woodwind sections, additional multi-percussion, timpani, and a string double and bass section; the word “Symphonic” was added to its official title. This occurred when Philippine Youth Symphonic Band and UP ROTC Band was merged upon the initiative of Professor Leopoldo Lopez as Band Instructor. After his passing, the UP ROTC Band is now overseen by Professor Rodney Ambat.

The earliest band leader of record is Cadet Captain Antonio R. Buenaventura who immediately joined the UP DMST as Band Instructor upon completion of the Advance ROTC Course. Directly under him then was Cadet Lieutenant Hilario Rubio. Cadet Captain Buenaventura would rise through both his military and music career and become Colonel of the Philippine Army and a National Artist. Cadet Lieutenant Rubio would become an opera conductor and the Filipino translator-lyricist of “UP Beloved” or “UP Naming Mahal.”

Cadet Lieutenant Lucio San Pedro would command the UP ROTC Band in 1938 and rise to become National Artist with his lullaby “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan.” Since then, the Band has served under the leadership of other well-known musicians such as Captain Eliseo Clamor, Professor Rodolfo De Leon, Colonel Peregrino Aledia, Professor Leopoldo Lopez, and Professor Rodney Ambat.

The UP ROTC Symphonic Band would produce a long line of distinguished alumni among whom are top caliber musicians with diverse specializations, National Artists, Gawad CCP Awardees, numerous winners of the prestigious National Music Competitions for Youth Artists, top military band commanding officers, and members of some of the finest marching bands.


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