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UP Diliman ROTC LMS Module 03 The Self in the Society

UP Diliman ROTC gives lectures on “The Self in the Society” on its LMS

This week, the cadets of the UP Diliman ROTC were given lectures on 1) Understanding Self and Others and 2) Human Dignity and Rights, which are both topics under the Tatak UP: NSTP Common Module. The lecturer for the topic “Understanding Self and Others” was Miss Camille Hazel A Ugarte, […]

UP Diliman ROTC holds Second Online Physical Readiness Training

The second Online PT was conducted as a joint PT between the Alpha and Bravo Companies last Saturday 26 September 2020. The new exercises introduced were part of the Toughening Phase for the Basic Cadets and were based on the US Army Physical Readiness Training Program. These were the Hip […]