ROTC History – Serbisyong Tatak UP sa DZUP 1602

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University Student Leadership Seminar

Last 09 December 2015, cadet officers from the University of the Philippines Reserve Officer Training Corps attended the University Student […]

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Military Science 2 – Training Day 01 Reminders

Good day, cadets!
This Saturday, 23 January 2015, will be the first Training Day of Military Science 2. Formation time will […]

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CY 2015-2016 MS1 TD14

The 14th Training Day was conducted on 28 November 2015. Cadets were taught different types of knots and their uses. […]

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CY 2015-2016 MS1 TD12-13

The 12th-13th Training Days were held on 14 November 2015. Additional exercises on Map Reading and Land Navigation (MRLN) were […]

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CY 2015-2016 MS1 TD10-11

An overnight training day was conducted on 06-07 November 2015 as the 10th and 11th Training Days. Cadets were introduced […]

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CY 2015-2016 MS1 TD08-09

The 8th and 9th Training Days were both conducted on 24 October 2015. The cadets were divided into two groups. […]

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CY 2015-2016 MS1 TD07

Beginning with the cadets’ second battalion run and a round of two minute push-ups and sit-ups, the 7th Training Day, […]

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CY 2015-2016 MS1 TD06

The 6th Training Day was conducted on 03 October 2015, beginning with the continuation of Arnis in which cadets were […]

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CY 2015-2016 MS1 TD04

The 4th Training Day, conducted on 12 September 2015, began with Physical Training at 0700H. For this training day, the […]

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Photo Blog

Just keep swimming with UP ROTC

Cadet Officers and Sponsors shared the fun of summer by[...] Full Story

Keep Calm and Tikas Pahinga (A UP ROTC Testimony)

Nang Dahil sa ROTC:
Natutunan ko maging disiplinado at responsable.[...] Full Story

Lunch with CMO Bn – NCR

15 Cadet Officers and 5 Vanguards participated in the boodle[...] Full Story

Ringhop 2014

Dimasalang class of 2014 [...] Full Story

Turnover 2014

The outgoing Corps Commander, CCol Ma Rhea C Andaya, passed[...] Full Story

RAATI 2014

The Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection (RAATI) is a[...] Full Story

M16 Familiarization

Overnight Camp Visit at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija [...] Full Story

Trek at Taclang Damulag

Overnight Camp Visit at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ejica [...] Full Story

Lantern Parade 2013

    The UP Corps of Cadets and the UP Corps of[...] Full Story

Presentation of Sponsors 2013

Presentation of Sponsors last 07 December 2013 with BGen Silvino[...] Full Story

How to Join the UP ROTC

See instructions on how to join. Click here!

UP ROTC... More than a Challenge

Download the UP ROTC Brochure 2014

Training Day Announcements

UP ROTC still accepting students

Quoted from UP Diliman CRS:

“The NSTP Common Module will end on 27 October 2014 (Monday). Academic units must redistribute students from their NSTP common module and generic pairs to their corresponding program components using the Class Redistribution module.

The NSTP Change of Matriculation period for the First Semester AY 2014-2015 is scheduled on 27 October 2014 (Monday) to 31 October 2014 (Friday). Students may opt to change their NSTP program components during this period.

Redistribution process is same as the ChangeMat process. It’s not too late to take the challenge and be a better person than you are today. Enlist UP ROTC. For inquiries you may visit Vanguard Bldg Room 105 or contact CMaj Joy Avelino at (0905) 434-1840



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about ROTC and the NSTP.

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How to reach the DMST Complex

Here are some of your options on how to reach the UP Diliman DMST Complex

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