UP ROTC 2013: MS 1 – 8th Training Day featuring Sports Fest
By Christine del Rosario 4Cl
01 November 2012 at 1958H

Cadets had their first long examination last Saturday, 25 August 2012. They started their morning cleaning the vicinity of the DMST Complex. 2nd Platoon of the Bravo Company was assigned to weed out the grasses in front of the area. The task was made easier by the rains that poured earlier in the morning causing the tilled soil to be suppler. This was done in preparation for the new plants that will be planted around the DMST.

After 30 minutes of doing the chore, the cadets went back to classroom 2 for the exam. The exam lasted for an hour. After the exam, different reactions were evident. Some claimed the exam as hard, while others were somehow confident in passing the test. But no matter what, a feeling of excitement filled the room while changing into their PT attire (black shirt and black shorts). After all, everyone deserves a happy hour to celebrate for going this far.

After 35 hours and more of rigorous training from Day 1, the cadets were given almost 4 hours to free themselves from anything and just experience pure fun. Different sports and games were offered. There were physical games such as basketball, rollerball, and arnis. There were also board games including chess and Games of the General.  There was also DOTA for boys (and girls) who are fond of playing computer games, and Pinoy Henyo, for those who wish to enjoy in a different fashion.

Cadets were asked to fall in line in front of the cadet officers assigned to facilitate the different games. Most of the 2nd Platoon signed up for rollerball, wherein C1L Ronalyn Panlaqui 1Cl  was one of the facilitators. There were 4 who opted for basketball while there were only one who chose arnis and DOTA.

To sum up everything, it was a blissful experience. It was a training day after all, for it teaches values of teamwork, competitiveness, unity, and sportsmanship.

After the game, the cadets changed into white shirts and immediately proceeded to the Vanguard building wherein Col Belmonte, Office of Cadet Admissions – Philippine Military Academy awaited them. Several 1st class and 2nd class cadets from the Philippine Military Academy were also present. They personally went to the University of the Philippines to invite cadets to take into consideration taking the Philippine Military Academy Entrance Exam (PMAEE). A total of 29 cadets and cadet officers showed interest and signed up as walk-in applicants to the PMAEE which was held at Ramon Magsaysay High School in Cubao, Quezon City.