UP ROTC 2013: MS 1 – 7th Training Day
By CPvt Christine del Rosario 4Cl
01 November 2012 at 1956H

Cadets, in their usual T-maong, started their 7th Training Day cleaning the area of the Department of the Military Science and Tactics (DMST) Complex.  Due to limited time, platoons were divided and assigned in the different areas of the vicinity.

The 2nd Platoon of the Bravo Company was assigned in the grassland in front of the DMST and at the back of classroom 2. While the cadets were transporting the branches of trees on one side, Col Alcabasa, Commandant of UP Diliman ROTC, said,  “Sa una lang yan mahirap. Madali na lang magmaintain.”

It promoted unity and decision-making among cadets in order to tidy up the whole area given the limited time.

After cleaning, the cadets proceeded to classroom 2 for the lecture. The lecture was focused on a technique for reviving a person when the heart stops beating, commonly known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). C1Lt Dan Casia 2Cl, facilitated the lecture. Though the CPR dummy that was supposedly for demonstrating the proper way of doing CPR did not arrive, one of the cadets, CPvt Reyes 4Cl, volunteered to be the “dummy”.

Today’s lecture was part of the scope for the next TD’s midterm exam.