UP ROTC 2013: MS 1 – 5th Training Day
By CPvt Karl Bruno P. Abenojar, 4Cl
01 November 2012 at 1952H

The day was wet and cold, but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the cadets from the Rescue Unit, who begun their day at the 3rd Floor of the Vanguard Building. For them, the day may have started out confusingly, with some late arrivals and a few clutters; but no confusion changed their mood.

The cadets’ first lecture came from C2Lt Gabrielle Anne Denise Garcia, 2Cl, the Charlie Company 2nd Platoon Leader, who talked about some of the basic procedures on first aid and assessing the condition of both conscious and unconscious victims. The next talk came from C2Lt Creszyl Joy Arellano, 2Cl, the Charlie Company 1st Platoon Leader, who taught the cadets the several types of injuries that they may encounter such as wounds, burns, and fractures, and how to treat them.

By this time, the rain was pouring so hard that, along with the wind, it sent sprays of water to the faces of the cadets. But still they did not balk from the learning they could get. So they went down to the 2nd floor and from there resumed the lectures. The next to teach was C1Lt Michaela Marteja, 2Cl, the Charlie Company Commander, who gave the students some techniques in bandaging faces, arms, and the shoulders.

After her lecture the rain was already getting weaker, so they resumed the rest of the day at the 3rd Floor once more. The last part of the TD was a quiz on weapons training, to be specific, the M16A1. The cadets passed the quiz easily enough, with a few getting perfect scores. After the quiz, the Alpha and Bravo Companies also arrived for the orientation on the Cadet Officer Candidate Course (COCC). The talk was about the requirements for the COCC, its benefits, and other significant details. The officers also invited us to attend the graduation ceremony of the COCC Batch 62-B, which was held sometime after the orientation.

Of course, misdeeds do not go unpunished, and as there were quite a number of cadets who were late, the Charlie Company stayed behind for a while after the end of the orientation to do some squat thrusts. After the exercise, C1lt Marteja, 2Cl, gave a few reminders for the next TDs and the proper SOPs.

Next came the graduation ceremony, with an inspiring speech from the Assistant Commandant, and the five graduates, Cadet Probationary Second Lieutenant Mikko B Samson, Second Class, Cadet Probationary Second Lieutenant Aldrin T Parreno, Second Class, Cadet Probationary Second Lieutenant Ronalyn B Panlaqui, Second Class, Cadet Probationary Second Lieutenant Dianna Isabelle B Desuyo, Second Class, and Cadet Probationary Second Lieutenant Dan Roniel R Casia, Second Class, receiving their honors and new ranks. After the program were a lunch, and a small party with a live band of the 51st Engineering Brigade at the 1st floor of the Vanguard Building.