UP ROTC 2013: MS 1 – 3rd Training Day
By COC Karl Bruno P Abenojar, 4Cl
07 September 2012 at 1919H

The third training day of Charlie Company started with the singing of the National Anthem, routine inspection and checking of attendance.

Later on, the cadets were given new moves to try in arnis – footwork. It was pretty basic, with only moving forward while attacking and stepping backward when defending, but it caused a little confusion among some who were not really good at moving limbs simultaneously. Nevertheless, everyone finished with a fair mastery of the techniques.

Right after, the cadets proceeded to the third floor of the Vanguard Building where they had a short break, and the chocolates promised by C2Lt Creszyl Joy Arellano, 2Cl, 1st Platoon Leader of the Charlie Company. Then lectures on Interior Guard Duty from C2Lt Arellano, 2Cl, and Marksmanship from C2Lt Gabrielle Anne Denise Garcia, 2Cl, were given, along with a demonstration of firing stances from C1Lt Roseanne Realubin, 2Cl.

Cadets test their marksmanship skills through actual firing with air guns.

After the lectures, it was time to put the cadets’ knowledge to the test with the triangulation exercises conducted and the actual firing with air guns.

Last on the list of activities was the learning of the songs and chants of the Corps with C1Lt Ma Rhea C Andaya, 2Cl, the Corps G-4. The cadets gave a very lively participation when they chanted each word and phrase in the classroom and had much fun in the process.

Afterwards, the cadets were dismissed, thus ending the third training day.