UP ROTC 2013: MS 1 – 2nd Training Day
By COC Karl Bruno P Abenojar, 4Cl
07 September 2012 at 1919H

For 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company, the second training day started with a few warm-ups, physical training and a 3.2-kilometer run around the U.P. Campus. After that, it was time for a short break for after 20 minutes of running, most cadets were panting from lack of breath.

Cadets’ formation during inspection.

What followed afterwards were the singing of the National Anthem in formation and inspection. Next, the cadets were off to train with arnis sticks for their weekly martial arts training. The cadets recalled and executed the four basic combinations taught last training day. They practiced the double diagonal, the slash-block, slash-half-strike, and the slash-half-strike-vertical attack.

Cadets braved rappelling the tower.

The cadets proceeded with rappelling, which took quite a while since many were unaccustomed to heights and therefore were nervous at their first attempt to rappel. Later on, they were able to manage themselves and carry on with the rest of the rappelling smoothly.

Cadets taking their exam on Military Courtesy and Discipline. 

Finally, with only a quarter of an hour left, the cadets took a quiz on Military Courtesy and Discipline with the highest scorers being promised to be given chocolates in the next TD by C2Lt Creszyl Joy Arellano, 2Cl, the Platoon Leader of 1st Platoon, Charlie Company.