UP ROTC 2012: MS 1 – 10th Training Day
By COC Caithline Bo A Laguesma 4Cl
10 September 2011 at 1352H

It was on the 10th of September for the Saturday group and the 12th of September for the Monday group that the UP ROTC held its 10th Training Day.

Starting with inspection, it progressed to the practicing of marching and rifle drills which was done in preparation for the UP President’s Investiture Rites on the 15th of September 2011. After a number of minutes, the cadets were introduced to the force-on-force activity with the help of the Rainbow Ranger Unit headed by Vgd Glenn M Llamador. The concepts involved in force-on-force encounters were discussed, including the various positions of firing, the safety measures to be observed when handling a firearm, and of course the main goals of the activity: to get the flag placed in the middle of the playing field, and also to eliminate each member of the opposing team.

On this Training Day, the force-on-force activity was not the only highlight of the day. Military mountaineering was taken up simultaneously with the other activity with the help of the cadet officers. On the rappelling tower, C2Lt Samuel Clark Thadeus Castro, 2Cl, briefed the nervous cadets regarding the proper way on how to rappel, stressing that safety is always the first concern. A number of cadets still had issues on being on high places, thus rappelling took quite a number of minutes.

Meanwhile, the teaching of knot-tying took place in the covered area near the rappelling tower. With the help of C2Lt Nicole Jae Rodriguez, 2Cl, numerous types of knots were introduced including the fisherman’s knot, the overhand knot and the prusik knot When the cadets were finally oriented, they were organized in groups of five with two teams competing against each other. In order to distinguish the two teams, TFUs (Tropical Fatigue Uniforms) and BDAs (Battle Dress Attires) were issued. With the use of Airsoft Electronic Guns (AEGs), each team was instructed to eliminate each member of the opposing team. Once this was done, the winning team was declared.