UP ROTC 2012: MS 2 – 14th and 15th Training Day
By CPvt Amelyn J Samonte 4Cl
23 May 2012 at 0232H

They said everything ends. That means being a cadet will soon meet its closing stages. And those endings began last Friday night.

They started the Training Day with the usual inspection. The cadets stood still while waiting for the inspection to finish. The 3Cl men also grouped them into groups of 8. They were introduced to their squad leaders and were given a few instructions. Then, they went to Classroom 3 to take their final exam.

After taking the written exam, a lecture was given to the cadets. C1Lt Samuel Castro 2Cl taught them about Escape and Evasion – definitions, Do’s and Don’ts, etc. Afterwards, the squad leaders gathered their elements and talked about what was in store for them. Each group planned and divided the tasks before preparing to sleep.

Some were already asleep when groups of cadets and COs entered the rooms with a loud bang. The activity was gruelling yet fun and exciting. The cadets were all around the vicinity of the DMST Complex trying to be the first group to finish the activity. The activity really entailed teamwork, team tactics, and of course the cadets’ physical fitness. There were so many obstacles along the way, but the cadets were able to make it to the finish line with teamwork and the knowledge they have acquired from being a UP ROTC cadet.

The groups gathered at the 3rd floor of the Vanguard building and talked about what happened during the activity. Many stories were told and many laughs were shared. Without them knowing it, it was already 2am and they were still not sleeping. Everyone was given their personal time to fix themselves and prepare for another activity that awaits them.

A short span of time was enough for the cadets to regain their energy. They were given food to eat and time to get ready for the day’s inspection. The cadets were divided again according to their respective stakes in RAATI Phase II. After practicing for Small Unit Tactics, Disaster Response and Rescue Operations, Land Navigation, and other stakes, the cadets and their COs formed to move out of the complex to the Sunken Garden for the practice for the Turnover Ceremony together with the COs of UP Los Baños.

The heat of the sun didn’t stop the cadets from pushing themselves in practicing for their graduation. It’s one of their most awaited events in their cadet life so they want everything to be perfect. In addition, the turnover of command of the UP ROTC would be a meaningful part of the ceremony thus it makes the event even more special. After hours of practice, everyone formed to move back to the DMST Complex.

They said everything ends. But there are always new beginnings. UP ROTC THE BEST!!!