UP ROTC 2012: MS 1 – Adventure Challenge
by COC Caithline Bo Laguesma, 4Cl
17 October 2011 at 0837H

All good things come to an end, and on this day Military Science 1 concludes itself with its trademark activity: the Adventure Challenge. It began with a call to formation by the officers. Since all the cadets of the Monday and Saturday group was there, it was quite a call. The cadets were assembled into squads in order to be organized when the Adventure Challenge would start. The first activity was the Physical Test was given first. The maximum number of Push-ups and Sit-ups one could do within a given duration of two minutes would be recorded. After the Physical Test, a short Graded Test about Military Science 1 subjects was given.

Cadets perform push-ups as part of the Physical Fitness Test.

A total of six stations were present. The Rappelling Station, handled by C2Lt Daniel Manuel Macrohon, Jr. 2Cl, took place on the Rappelling Tower with the cadets having to test their rappelling and belaying skills.

A cadet rappels from the top of the tower.

The Stress Shoot Station, handled by the Rainbow Rangers including Vgd Glenn Llamador, involved the shooting of various targets after handling physical and mental stress. It had three stages: Point-Aim-Move, Casualty Drag, and Airgun Firing. This occurred in the Quadrangle of the DMST Quadrangle and the Firing Range.


Casualty Drag

Airgun Firing

With the M-16 Field Stripping Station, handled by CCpt Gelline Joyce Vargas 1Cl and C2Lt Regine Bernadette Tan 2Cl, the name speaks for itself. The cadets were timed in disassembling, as well as assembling.

A cadet assembles an M16 rifle.

In the First Aid/ CTIS Station, handled by numerous officers including C2Lt Joshua Migel Lopez 2Cl with the special participation of Dr. Rodrigo Ong, cadets were placed in simulated environments wherein they are required to save a victim while under fire, and also perform first-aid on the victim at the casualty collection point.

Force-on-Force: Cadets attempt to rescue a casualty while under enemy fire.

The second to the last of the stations: Orienteering, handled by C2Lt Nicole Jae Rodriguez 2Cl and C2Lt King Aaron Cruz 2Cl, involved the identification of points on a map and searching for them within the UP Campus. Lastly, the Unknown Run Station, handled by Mr. Alex Ortinero and CCpt Ma Virginia Arinas, 1Cl, involved running around UP for an unspecified distance.

After the Adventure Challenge, a Boodle Fight ensued headed by the Commandant, LTC Rolando Rodil INF (GSC) PA. A great number of hungry cadets battled for food with their bare hands, but of course they washed them beforehand.

Boodle Fight: Cadets eat a hearty meal with the Commandant and the Cadet Officers after a long day.

Afterwards was the long-awaited announcement of the winner of the Adventure Challenge: Squad 8, led by COC Louis Anthony Agong, 4Cl.

The winning squad as they were awarded their prizes.

Lastly, the Smokers’ Night occurred. Cadets showed their different talents via volunteerism and spin-the-bottle. When the night was over, some cadets stayed overnight and some went home. This is the end of one fruitful semester; and hopefully a start of a greater one.