UP ROTC 2012: MS 1 – 8th Training Day
by Tina Hernandez
27 August 2011 at 1804H

Today was the eighth training day for the Saturday and Monday cadets. Strong rains prevented outdoor activities so instead, the cadets had drill training at the UP Vanguard Building. They practiced rifle drills and the school of the soldier without arms to snappy perfection, marching and following the commands in unison. Two platoons even competed in the volume of their chants, neither side missing a step as they practiced and trained.

Cadets doing rifle drills

Cadets training under CCpt Genevieve Landong, 1Cl

The lively drills were followed by a lecture and hands-on training in ropemanship, part of military mountaineering.

Cadets are taught basic ropemanship by the Cadet Officers

Afterwards, the Rainbow Ranger unit including Vgd. Maximo Del Ponso, Jesse Estrella, and Joseph Ventura explained survival gear, what you need in a first aid kit, and how to react to and survive any calamity. Their humor-filled but informative lecture also included a question and answer portion on where to find these materials shown as well as the various and more affordable alternatives and their practical uses.

Rainbow Rager unit lecturing about survival gear

Lastly, Vgd. Glen Llamador gave a presentation on Survival Tips and basic self defense, with helpful and entertaining illustrations that the cadets are unlikely to forget should they ever need it.

Vgd Llamador gives survival tips to cadets