UP ROTC 2012: MS 1 3rd Training Day
12 May 2012 at 1611H

The cadets learned more about how to move in formation, and some even started to get the hang of inspection too.

The first lecture of the day was on map reading. While one platoon listened to a lecture by C2Lt Cruz in the cadets lounge, the other platoon was divided into groups for a more hands-on lesson. Armed with protractor, ruler, map and compass, they learned the basics of calculating azimuth and grid coordinates.

This was followed by a guest speaker – Vgd. Cariño, who taught the cadets about Citizenship and Human Rights. He left out no detail helping the cadets learn about the international and national basis for many human rights laws.

The training day ended with a talk from Vgd. Buena, who brought a lot of laughter to the cadet’s lounge with his stories while encouraging the cadets to become cadet officers.