UP ROTC 2012: MS 1 – 1st Training Day
Tina Hernandez
02 July 2011 at 1736H

This first training day introduced the cadets to ROTC. After an introductory video and talk, their first lecture was on First Aid Training with Vgd. Benjamin Jan Villamayor.

A capability demonstration was the largest part of the day, starting with a Small Unit Tactics demonstration where a four man team tactically pelted CP2Lt Macrohon using airsoft rifles and cleared the quadrangle of all enemies. Cadets learned weapons training with CCpt Mendoza in the Cadet’s lounge.

CCpt Mendoza, 1cl shows the cadets how to field strip a .45.

In the firing range, cadets got to learn some basics and try shooting air rifles. In the Panthers Area, cadets were treated to a full rappelling demonstration in which even the Corps Commander participated.

CCpt Genevieve Landong, 1Cl ascends a rope.

Corps Commander Ryan Arana demonstrates the Lizard style of rappelling.

After that, the cadets got to meet some of last year’s cadets, who explained the fun and rewards to be found in ROTC. Valdez and her batch then wowed the crowd with her arnis demonstration, where she disarmed and overpowered three larger opponents.

Cadet alumni Valdez talks about the fun she had in ROTC last year.

Valdez and other cadet alumni give an arnis demonstration.

Finally, the Commandant gave a speech explaining the history and significance of this being the centennial batch of ROTC cadets in UP and the Philippines as a whole.

Commandant Rolando R. Rodil talks to the cadets.