UP ROTC 2013: MS 2 – 3rd Training Day: Level Up
CPvt Are 4Cl, CPvt Montemayor 4Cl and CPvt Saguid 4Cl
28 November 2012 at 2155H


Harvesting the fruits of their effort exerted to improve their physical wellness, individual cadets of the Rayadillo unit managed to perform better at their push ups and sit ups relative to the previous training days. It was also noticeable that during the weekly platoon road run, they maintained cadence. Probably the most remarkable improvement they made was that they finished the platoon road run faster than last week’s record.

After the routinely physical training, a familiar face welcomes the Rayadillo cadets. The Rayadillo cadets, both old and new, gave a warm welcome to the Corps G-7, which also happens to be the newly re-appointed Alpha Company Commander, C1Lt Drenfurt Alcain 2Cl. The cadets took commands from him, and moving from Classroom 1 to the Vanguard Building Training Ground; C1Lt Drenfurt Alcain 2Cl, under the scorching sun with the Alpha Company, taught marching drills, pacing and timing. The cadets learned the basics when it comes to flanking, marching left and marching right, and the other fundamentals needed by the model platoon. He emphasized that if a person does not feel the need to improve oneself, that person should mind the people he is working with, for they too could suffer the consequence of one’s mistakes.

To wrap up the day, the Alpha Company cadets had a ‘sneak peek’ on what to expect in the upcoming unit project which is the silent drill. The cadets were turned over to C2Lt Lance Justin Calub 3Cl and C2Lt Reiner Gallardo 3Cl and did what the company is known for—rifle drills. Two of their cadets, CPvt Ambrocio 4Cl and CPvt Are 4C, showed how it to spin and throw a rifle.

After the training, the three units were asked to stay for a fitting of their soon-to-come Tropical Fatigue Uniforms. Alpha cadets were also asked to fit their respective Rayadillo uniforms. In the end, it was a tiring yet fun day for all. Step by step, day by day, we see how closer we are to the secrets and specialties of each and every company.