UP ROTC 2013: MS 2 – 1st Training Day: Introduction to Specialization
13 November 2012 at 1815H

“This is the way we start our day; Run a little, jog a little, run some more, hey!”

The first training day started with a run for the whole battalion following the academic oval route for the Rayadillo and Recue Companies and a modified route for the Ranger Company.


Arriving at the DMST after a 20-minute run, the company proceeded to the Vanguard museum for 2-minute push-ups and 2-minute sit-ups. Showcasing the policy of always in ‘double time’, the cadets immediately changed into T-maong for the lecture proper.

Specializing in drills and ceremonies, rifles welcomed the cadets in their first training day. Cadets were taught the basic manual of arms; the proper execution in every command of the platoon leader. Discussing the importance of drills and ceremonies, the newly appointed company commander, C2Lt Lance Calub 3Cl, introduced the company to the scope of their training and specialization. C2Lt Vincit Tagoc 3Cl lectured about the troop leading procedures (TLPs) explaining each steps with his simple example of a pancit canton problem. This showcases that the TLPs are not only applicable to the military but also in other ways. –CPvt Brent Julian Kyle S Are 4Cl


The run is just the start of the rigorous physical activity for the Ranger Company. Before breaking into two platoons, the ranger company had their 2 minute push-ups and sit-ups. Sweating yet with determination to prove that they are ranger cadets, each platoon executes frog leap exercise at the Pelota court and the dizzying exercises of log roll and helicopter at the DMST quadrangle.

As a part of the introduction to their specialization, the cadets were shown documentaries about the ranger training of previous batches. Then, the troop leading procedures were taught by C2Lt Jomari Austria 3Cl. Next, the company proceeded to the Vanguard parking lot for the Manual of Drills and Ceremonies. Cadets were taught on how to march swiftly while holding rifles. For the last part of the lecture, Signal Communication was taught to the cadets at the Vanguard Building 3rd Floor. The cadets were made to recite the phonetic alphabet in chorus.

Proudly, eight ranger cadets accepted the challenge of the Cadet Officer Candidate Course. –C2Lt Neil G Cruda 3Cl


Upon returning to the DMST, Charlie Company Commander C1Lt Creszyl Joy J Arellano, 2Cl reviewed the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and elaborated the activities which will be part of the rescue cadets’ specialized training. After the course orientation, Charlie Company 1st Platoon Leader C2Lt Alzen P Caga, 3Cl gave a lecture on Basic Signal Communication in which cadets participated interactively. A game called “Pass the Message” tested the cadets’ ability as a unit to apply what they have learned from the previous lecture. Charlie Company 2nd Platoon Leader C2Lt Lyka Mae D Lucena, 3Cl showcased the importance of Troop Leading Procedure by requiring the cadets to think of daily life problems in which TLP can be used.

The Rescue cadets proceeded to the Vanguard parking lot for the Manual of Arms Drills. Cadets were taught the proper execution of rifle drills by C2Lt Camille Joyce L Chua, 3Cl. The Rescue specialization will have more physical fitness training sessions, lectures, and more skills application of first aid and rappelling. –CPvt Kaylene L Fernandez 4Cl

From each area of specialization, the three companies meet into a battalion for a short talk about the Cadet Officer Candidate Course. Two promotional videos were flashed showcasing the challenges and benefits of entering the course. The cadets who are interested to join the COCC 63-B were asked to stay by C1Lt Greeny Joy Perucho 2Cl for more information.