UPROTC 2014: MS1 – 7th Training Day: UP ROTC Cadets Trained To Control and Learned Human Rights
CPvt Michael Bayuga 4Cl HQ
31 July 2013 at 1558H

The seventh training day, July 28, 2013, for the cadets of University of the Philippines Reserve Officers Training was one of the most tense, fun and exciting. Tense because the cadets have to be alert for all of the times, well the “level of alertness” is much higher compared from the other training days. It is fun and exciting because of the activities that occurred. But what did they train that day? It is about marksmanship (handling and firing a firearm) and human dignity.

The lesson started a week ago, July 21, 2013, with a lecture/briefing and was led by C1Lt Joy Avelino 2Cl, Delta 1st Platoon Leader.  She taught the cadets the principles of holding a firearm commonly known as A.D.A.M., and the three different kind of position while holding one. The A.D.A.M. principle was taught to the cadets so that they will handle a rifle properly.

After the said week, the cadets commenced a marksmanship activity held by CCpt Fatima dela Cruz 1Cl, Corps G3.  It is about actual holding dummy rifle and firing an air gun. The activity was divided into four (4) different parts, the eye dominant test, coin test, the triangular “lollipop” test and lastly the target shooting of an airgun. They were given thirty minutes to finish the specific exercise for each station. Before the cadets ended the whole exercise, the officers planned a small target shooting competition between the companies. Since the HQ unit has two groups, they had two representatives who battled for the first round. The HQ won by default when no one hit the target for the second round.    The cadets surely had fun, but what’s more important is that they learned how to control not only those airguns and rifles but to control their own emotion. How did I come up with that? Simply because they followed A.D.A.M. That principle of holding a rifle isn’t that simple; those who can’t control will point their rifle to someone and start playing like a child. The kind of manner will contradict the letter D of the principle (which is “Do not point your rifle to anything or anyone you don’t want to destroy”).  With all of these activities, the Bravo cadets had a different one; their lesson is handling a firearm while in the field. The only difference between their lesson and the others is that they had different types of “hiding” and motions.

When all is said and done, the cadets proceeded to the vanguard third floor for the NSTP Common Module and were instructed by Atty Baroña. They discussed Human Dignity and Rights. The cadets learned that every single living man has his/her own rights and it is already the day he/she was born, it is also known as the right to live. But not only babies has that right, grown-ups has still have the right to live and even those who took away life, that’s why  we don’t our country doesn’t have ”death penalty”. The discussion didn’t take very long. As it ends, the seventh training day for the UPROTC cadets was also accomplished.