UPROTC 2014: MS1 – 4th Training Day: Lectures on Philippine Society and Culture and Understanding The Self
CPvt Alia Pablo 4Cl HQ
08 July 2013 at 1630H

Lectures on Philippine Society and Culture and Understanding the self were covered in the 4th training day. The lesson on society and culture became more of a review of the cadet’s past history and social study lessons that’s why they were able to participate in the class instructions. The lecturer made sure that the lecture was brief that only the most important information would be the ones imported to the cadets.

The class about understanding one’s self could be regarded as the highlight of the training. The cadets became more engaged in the discussion because of interesting activities that were prepared for them such as personality determination test and the class interactions. After the personality test, the cadets group themselves according to their personalities and were able to interact with their co-personalities. It became an avenue for them to get to know the people around them more and realized each person’s significance and contributions to the society.

The cadets were also able to showcase their talents and abilities through the group presentations. Finally, after the class, the cadets of each company met up with their unit commanders to plan for their official physical training day.