UPROTC 2014: MS1 – 4th Training Day: Another Experience for the Cadets
CPvt Mariel Dipad 4Cl HQ
08 July 2013 at 1837H

The 4th Training Day of the ROTC held on July 6 featured yet another experience for the cadets.

In the DMST complex, after the inspection, each company was taught the basic marching procedures which are usually done during drills and for ceremonies. This proved to be a lesson that would take a lot of practice to master, and so it was advised that cadets meet for practice. “Nakakalito ang marching,” says CPvt Charisse Cervana 4Cl from the Service Support Unit.

Afterwards, each company was given a lecture in their respective classrooms.

As per usual, all the companies assembled at the Vanguard rooftop for the common lecture. For the 4th TD, CCpt Michaela Marteja 1Cl lectured on “Understanding Self”. In line with the lecture, the cadets were given a personality test, and were grouped according to their personalities. Each group was then assigned to perform, but some were told to perform on the next TD due to lack of time.

Cadets interested in taking the COCC (Cadet Officer Candidate Course) were given an orientation on the course after dismissal.