UPROTC 2014: MS1 – 3rd Training Day: THE Physical Fitness Test
CPvt Marie Uy 4Cl HQ
01 July 2013 at 1821H

Assess yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses and determine how you could improve them.

The 3rd Training Day of ROTC was one of the most physically challenging so far. We had to take our first Physical Test, so that our officers would know where to start in improving our physical capabilities. Our physical test was composed of three activities: push-ups, sit-ups and 2-km run.

We were asked to warm-up first before undergoing the series of tests. After getting ready, our platoon leaders commanded us to form, giving every cadet enough space. We found ourselves looking for a buddy or partner.

We did the 2-minute push-up first. Basically, do as many push-ups within 2 minute. Our officers said that an ROTC cadet should be able to do 60 push-ups and more. And yet, most of us just ended up with 10-20 push-ups. Well, they said it was preliminary assessment and it was actually the reason why we are enrolled in the ROTC, to improve and be more physically capable after the semester or after the year.

Next, we did sit-ups, again for 2 minutes. And our buddy helped us accomplish this. One had to hold the feet while the other did the sit-ups. It was challenging as well especially if you do this exercise just occasionally. Most of us were able to do 20-30 sit-ups and our officers said that we are expected to do twice or thrice as many at the end of the semester.

The last activity was the most exciting one, the 2.2-km run around the UP Academic Oval. All of the cadets lined up per company and started running. Because it was our first run around the oval, most of us shifted from running to walking, to reach the finish line. Really fast cadets finished it in 10 minutes while most of us finished after 15 minutes. After all three activities, we went back to Vanguard and had a short lecture on Citizenship, part of our NSTP curriculum.

After that training day, we found out that all of us still have to improve and the activities we are going to have inside the Corps would make us better. Probably, after the semester, we cadets would be able to do twice as many push-ups and sit-ups and be able to run the Academic Oval for half the time recorded in our first physical test.