UPROTC 2014: MS1 – 2nd Training Day: Cadets Learn that Training is Fun
CPvt Athea Baldo 4Cl HQ and CPvt Marie Dobuyan 4Cl HQ
23 June 2013 at 0841H

The 2nd Training for UP ROTC cadets last 22 June 2013 did not only centered on broadening the cadets’ knowledge of the Corps, but also fostered camaraderie, fitness and sportsmanship as the cadets attended lectures of their officers-in-charge and played the Rollerball game in Quadrangle of DMST.

The day started with drills and ceremonies at 0700H in the morning with the flag ceremony and inspection taking place immediately after. A 5 minute break was given to the cadets before the lectures on Military Courtesy and Discipline (MCD) and Military Customs and Traditions (MCT). The MCD lecture held in each company’s room assignments focused more in differentiating courtesy from discipline. As for the MCT lecture, it comprised of the introduction to the different military customs, and distinction between custom and tradition.

CMaj Fiestada 1Cl, Delta Company Coy Commander, led the lecture about the legal bases of the National Service Training Program (NSTP) and ROTC in the Vanguard building rooftop. He also cited important events in history that led to the development of the current NSTP and ROTC.

After the lecture, the cadets change to their PT attire in preparation for the Rollerball game. The Alpha Company wore red shirts, Bravo Company with black, Charlie Company with blue, and the Delta Company in white.  The game is inspired from American Rugby Football, although Rollerball has no set of rules except for the ‘outside’ rule and player substitution. Each team’s objective is to be able to achieve goal in the opponents’ field area, which is, putting the football inside the rubber tire of the other team.

With 10 players each company, the game started at 1030H with Alpha Company (including cadets from the Marksmanship unit of Bravo Company) males winning over the Delta Company males in the first game. The Bravo Company males won the second game against the males of Charlie Company. The game continued with the females with Delta Company triumphing against Alpha Company. The Charlie Company lost against the Bravo Company in the fourth game.

For the final round in the men’s category, the Alpha Company played against the Bravo Company. Before the game began, the Bravo Company players took their shirts off since some of them had the same shirt colour. The act excited the audience even more. Nevertheless, the Alpha Company players won.

Delta Company won over the Bravo Company in the female category.

There was a surprising turn up of two additional games when the ROTC officers summoned two volunteers from each company for each gender category to play against them. Consequently, both games ended up with the officers’ victory.

The games underwent overtime thus ending the 2nd TD around 1300H in the afternoon.

Corps Commander, CLtC Andaya 1Cl, mentioned during the giving of mug tokens that the game had been fun yet she did not appreciate the extension of the dismissal time. However, she mentioned that the cadets will be expecting another Rollerball game on the succeeding training days. The cadet’s physical fitness test will be performed on TD3.