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MS 2 TD 08
10 March 2015 at 1617H

To start off their 8th Training Day, the cadets had a diagnostic physical fitness test. They performed as many push-ups and sit-ups as they could, each exercise for a duration of two minutes. A 2 km run around the Academic Oval followed. Sponsors time boosted spirits and the cadets resumed preparation for the second phase of the RAATI.

The cadets received training in their particular areas of specialization. The Rayadillo and Ranger cadets practiced Small Unit Tactics. The cadets in the HQ and Rescue Units learned knot tying and had a lecture on ground rappelling. Medics were taught splinting and treatment of bites and stings. Marksmanship cadets practiced firing with Gamo rifles. Even after regular TD hours, the cadets stayed and trained well into the afternoon for their respective RAATI stakes.

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