MS 2 TD 05-06
By CPvt Anne Lee B Deyro, 3Cl
26 February 2015 at 1251H

The cadets began their double training day with a lecture on military leadership. Assisted by the CNCOs,they took a leadership test to determine which aspects of themselves they still need to develop to become better leaders. As a diamond is created by carbon, heat and pressure, a good leader is made by character, knowledge, and application. This could be seen in the examples of the CNCOs. During the parade practice, Platoon Sergeants led their platoons under the direction of their Platoon Leaders. In the middle of training, sponsors time provided rest and some light humor. Noon mess was held at the third floor Vanguard building. The Alpha and Bravo Companies reviewed their knowledge of the 11 General Orders and the Chain of Command in a competitive but friendly exercise. Such activities certainly strengthen the bonds among students who face the same hardships and share the same joys of being a cadet in the UP ROTC. In the afternoon, each unit trained in its specialization. Rescue and HQ cadets reviewed Map Reading and Land Navigation. Medics reviewed primary and secondary assessment in first aid, bandaging techniques and carries. Marksmanship cadets went to the AFP Medical Center to practice M-16 and Caliber .45 field-stripping. Rayadillo and Ranger cadets practiced small unit tactics and platoon drills. The cadets trained well and hard in preparation for the fast approaching RAATI. They will ensure that the UP ROTC lives up to its name.