MS 2 TD 04
17 February 2015 at 0853H

The UP ROTC cadets held the 4th Training Day on a Saturday seemingly like any other. Training on this year’s Valentine’s Day began on the third floor of the vanguard building. The newly trained cadet non-commissioned officers (CNCOs) took charge of their fellow cadets. They were all taught the basics of signal communication. This included a comparison of the different communication methods, the phonetic alphabet, the Morse code, and cryptography. These are things that the cadets will have to remember as they will be challenged with having to decrypt announcements and reply in coded messages as well. Parade practice in preparation for the RAATI followed. The cadets stayed snappy despite the heat of the late morning sun. The cadets were also drilled in the forming, dressing, and inspecting of their platoons.

In the middle of these exercises, sponsors time was greeted with much enthusiasm. Cadets from the Bravo Company gave Valentine’s Day greetings to their sponsors through cards, roses and a song. The sponsors proceeded to teach the cadets to make origami hearts and tulips which they gave to their cadet officers and fellow cadets.

In the UP ROTC, we find leadership, teamwork, commitment, and perhaps even love.

The Bravo Company stayed at the DMST complex after the training. In light of the great success of last semester’s Parade of Sponsors where hardly any of the cadets fell out of their ranks, cadets and cadet officers bonded over lunch. It’s not all training in ROTC, fun is also to be had in plenty.