Military Science 2 Third Training Day: Introduction to Field Artillery
by C1Lt Ryan Kristofer I Arana, 2Cl
04 December 2010 at 1828H

Heads up for the red berets: the UP ROTC had its first lecture about Field Artillery during their third training day.

After the physical fitness test and the flag ceremony and inspection, the cadets practiced stationary and marching drills with their respective platoon leaders.

Cadets practice drills

The cadets proceeded to Classroom 2 for their introduction to FA conducted by C1Lt Gelline Joyce Vargas 2Cl. C1Lt Vargas tackled the composition and capabilities of the field artillery team as well as the weapons used in field artillery. She also showed a video clip to the cadets containing the activities of the Field Artillery Battalion of the UP ROTC during AY 2003-2004.

C1Lt Vargas (in BDU) discuss Field Artillery

Afterwards, the Infantry platoon proceeded to the DMST quadrangle to further enhance their Small Unit Tactics with C1Lt Jasper Ian Mendoza 2Cl and C2Lt Ma Virginia Arinas 2Cl, while the Field Artillery platoon had a review course for their Map Reading with C1Lt Ryan Kristofer Arana 2Cl.

Cadets play the assault