Military Science 2 Second Training Day: Troop Leading Procedures, Small Unit Tactics
by CP2Lt Joshua Miguel D Lopez, 4Cl
27 November 2010 at 2159H

The UP ROTC’s second training day was action-packed, focusing on two infantry subjects: Troop Leading Procedure and Small Unit Tactics.

The training day started with physical training. Idled by the long semester break, the cadets’ atrophied bodies were warmed up with one lap around the Academic Oval. After a short break, they had the Flag Ceremony and inspection.

Cadets jog by Palma Hall

Then the main lectures of the day began, first Troop Leading Procedures by CMaj Adrian Atas 1Cl. The cadets were taught the operational process of an infantry rifle platoon starting from receiving the mission up to issuing Operation Orders.

CMaj Atas lectures Troop Leading Procedures

Afterwards, C1Lt Ryan Kristofer Arana 2Cl taught the cadets the basics of small unit tactics, centered on fire team and squad formations and movement techniques.

C1Lt Arana teaches Small Unit Tactics

The cadets went out on the grounds to perform what they learnt from C1Lt Arana; two squads to the Panthers’ Area led by C1Lt Jasper Ian Mendoza 2Cl and C2Lt Ma. Virginia Ariñas 2Cl, and three squads to the DMST quadrangle led by C1Lt Gelline Joyce Vargas 2Cl and C1Lt Arana. To top it off, the squads went against each other, with one squad as attackers and the other as sitting ducks.

A group of cadets in squad column, supervised by C1Lt Mendoza (in BDU)

Cadets try the squad file supervised by C1Lt Vargas (in BDU)

Meanwhile, the University Chapter of the UP Vanguard, Inc. awarded its Leadership Grant to two cadet officers for excelling in academics as well as in the corps: CMaj Atas and C2Lt Ariñas.

C2Lt Ariñas (center) receives Leadership grant from the Commandant (left) and Vanguard Albert Cabasada, University Chapter Commander (right)

*photos by C1Lt Jathniel R Canar, 2Cl and CP2Lt Joshua Miguel D Lopez, 4Cl