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9th Training Day: Signal Communication and Leadership
by COC Bienvenido A Panganiban IV, 4Cl
28 August 2010 at 1820H

The cadets started the training day with a 4.4K jog, twice around the Academic Oval of UP Diliman. It took about 39 minutes for them to finish. Nonetheless, everybody improved on their physical condition.

After that, the cadets learned about Signal Communication from guest lecturers from the Communications, Electronics and Information Systems Service, AFP (CEISSAFP). The lecture included the phonetic alphabet and numerals, means of communication, radio check, and a lot more. The cadets then proceeded to the DMST quadrangle as the lecturers demonstrated how to operate some radio equipment that they brought.

CEISSAFP soldiers (in BDU, 2nd and 3rd from left) demonstrate the use of radio

Lastly, Vanguard Jesus Alfonso Carpio ’81 conducted a lecture about leadership from which the cadets learned a lot. (Link: UP ROTC Alumni Inspires Cadets )

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