8th Training Day: Map Reading and Land Navigation Practical Exercise
14 August 2010 at 1809H

“It’s time to hit the maps and apply what we learned!” This was the battle cry of the cadets last 14 August 2010, UP Diliman ROTC 8th Training Day, when they held exercises for map reading and land navigation around the area of the Department of Military Science and Tactics (DMST) and nearby landmarks like the university Gym and the Archery Range. Armed with rulers, protractors, pencils, and knowledge from the map reading and land navigation lecture held by C2Lt Ryan Kristofer Arana, 2Cl, the cadets answered questions about maps and map reading, and navigated around the perimeter of the DMST.

The 8th Training Day started with the first defense combative exercises held at the 3rd floor of the Vanguard Building from 0700H to 0800H facilitated by C2Lt Paolo Nicolo Perez, 2Cl, with C2Lt Sarah Villostas, 2Cl. The cadets learned leg swings and defensive kicks like roundhouse and front kicks.

After the combative exercises, the usual morning inspection was done. It was then followed by the main activity of the training day: the map reading and land navigation exercise.

The exercise was divided into two parts. The first par tested and further developed the knowledge of the cadets in map reading. The first part was divided into four stations. Station 1 tackled maps marginal information, military symbols, and civil military symbols found in maps. Station 2, on the other hand, measured the proficiency of the cadets in locating points in a map through azimuths and grid coordinates. Station 3 dealt with the compass reading and map orienting. Lastly, Station 4 tackled pace factor and map scales.

C2Lt Perez (in BDU) explains the use of a compass

Cadets apply the methods of locating points

Land navigation was the focus of the second part of the activity. The cadets searched for flags around the perimeter of DMST and nearby buildings. Not only did the second part of the activity test the ability of the cadets to navigate around using what they learned, but also their endurance and speed as they ran from point to point.

Cadets solve for their next point during the Land Navigation exercise

The 8th TD ended with the cadets possessing more knowledge about maps and land navigation.

*photos by Tina Hernandez