7th Training Day: Gender Awareness, Military Intelligence, Interior Guard Duty, Map Reading
by CPvt Lilibeth Maeh Bravo, 4Cl and COC Josiah Lim, 4Cl
07 August 2010 at 1628H

After the usual physical training, the 7th Training Day of the UP ROTC kicked off with the Gender Awareness Seminar by Ms. Remedios P. Mondiguing of the Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment. The lecture opened each cadet’s consciousness about gender discrimination in the society, especially against women. Ms. Mondiguing also discussed “Sexual Harassment” and the actions that a student may take if ever he or she is harassed by a professor, a classmate, or an outsider.

Ms. Remedios Mondiguing (standing) talks about Gender Awareness

The next lectures were about Interior Guard Duty (IGD) and Military Intelligence (MI) by C2Lt Gelline Joyce Vargas, 2Cl and C2Lt Ma Sarah Jane Villostas, 2Cl, respectively. The discussion on IGD was about terminologies, chain of command, and the 11 General Orders that a sentinel should know by heart. Meanwhile, MI tackled the different intelligences (tactical, strategic, and counter), and the right methods on reporting information, among others. Counter Intelligence is an interesting yet complicated task which requires you to be discreet, careful, and accurate especially when giving the information to the commanding officer.

C2Lt Vargas (standing) discusses Interior Guard Duty

C2Lt Villostas (front, standing) lectures about Military Intelligence

Basic Map Reading and Land Navigation was lectured by C2Lt Ryan Kristofer Arana, 2Cl. Though the pacing of the lecture was fast, the discussion remained smooth and systematic. The cadets learned a lot about the proper way of handling maps and compasses, securing maps from enemies, classification of maps, the different ways on how to know your location or given area on a map, navigation methods, and a lot more.

C2Lt Arana (upper right, standing) teaches Basic Map Reading to cadets

*photos by Tina Hernandez