14th-15th Training Day: Adventure Challenge, Escape and Evasion
by COC Joshua Miguel D Lopez, 4Cl and C2Lt Ryan Kristofer I Arana, 2Cl
03 October 2010 at 1636H

A semester’s worth of military know-how was put to the test on this day during the final Training Day of Military Science 1. Designated as a double TD, it lasted from afternoon of October 2 until dawn of the next day.

The training started at 1400H with the distribution of the 5.11 Tactical Uniform (Olive Drab pants and the bonnie hats) to the cadets. The uniforms are all given to the cadets free of charge.

After changing into their uniforms, the cadets were divided into teams for the Adventure Challenge. This activity was specially prepared by the Commandant, Tactical Officers and the Cadet Officers to gauge the military proficiency of the cadets. Five stations were constructed for the Adventure Challenge, located around the DMST: Marksmanship, M16 Field Strip, Team Tactics, First Aid, and Live Drop.

Marksmanship: Using Diana (air) rifles, each member of the team must be able to shoot down a specific color combination of bottles.

Marksmanship Station of the Adventure Challenge

M16 Field Strip: The team is split into buddies. The first man disassembles the M16 while his buddy assembles it right after. The teams were also tasked to name each part of the M16.

M16 Field Strip Station of the Adventure Challenge

Team Tactics: Using Automatic Electric Guns (AEG’s or airsoft) as weapons, the team’s objective is to secure a flag under enemy fire. The mission continues until the last man is hit, at which point the team will restart the mission.

Team Tactics Station of the Adventure Challenge

First Aid: The teams mission is to identify and perform the correct procedure to treat a wounded fellow given a particular situation given by the station master.

Live Drop: The team must be able to find the Action Agent (AA) around the DMST by discreet use of challenge and password.

Each team was given a map of the university and the grid coordinates of their first way point. Located on the way points are markers specifying which station the team should go next. After finishing the objective on the station, the station master will give the team a map reading problem for the next way point. The objective is to finish the challenge as quickly as possible.

Cadets solve for their next way point

After the Adventure Challenge, the cadets were given their written graded test to measure their knowledge of different military subjects.

After a long afternoon, the cadets prepared the evening mess. It was their first Boodle Fight: eating food laid on banana leaves using their bare hands. Everyone from the cadets to cadet officers took part in the meal, enjoying themselves in the process.

The UP Corps of Cadets enjoys Boodle Fight!

After the boodle fight was the Smoker wherein groups of cadets performed their respective talent presentations around a bonfire. They enjoyed roasted marshmallows afterwards. By 2330H, the cadets were then led to their respective sleeping quarters. All were instructed to find buddies, put on insect repellant, and sleep.

Roasting marshmallows

At 0130H, the cadet officers came barging in the quarters, acting as enemy forces, for the Escape and Evasion practical exercise. The objective of the cadets was to navigate to a certain location, employing night movements to avoid enemy observation. The exercise lasted until 0330H.

After the exercise, the cadets assembled in front of the cadet classroom 2 for the awarding ceremonies. Awards were given to the top teams in the Adventure Challenge and the Escape and Evasion practical exercise.

The final training day ended. It was a new dawn, and after all the challenges faced and experiences gained, the cadets eagerly look forward to Military Science 2.

The cadets of UP ROTC