13th Training Day: Land Navigation around UP Diliman Campus
by COC Samuel Clark Thadeus V Castro, 4Cl
25 September 2010 at 1627H

It was not an ordinary training day that starts with the cadets undergoing physical training. Instead, the cadets were in their T-Maong (Black ROTC shirt and jeans) for a Map Reading and Land Navigation practical exercise. This time, however, their area of operations was the whole of UP Diliman campus.

After warming up with some basic drills, the cadets were divided into teams, each having 2-3 members. Each team’s task was, in under one and a half hours, to navigate to a total of six stations around the UP campus using their Map Reading and Land Navigation skills. Each station had one sentinel assigned whose task was to challenge every team that arrives, and provide them the map reading problem leading to the next station only when it has given the correct password. Nobody was allowed to use any transportation but their feet.

Two waves of the exercise were conducted. The first wave consumed the maximum time limit. After the second wave, the cadets gathered inside the classroom 2. Soon after, C2Lt Ryan Kristofer Arana, 2Cl announced the teams who finished the course fastest.

Overall, everybody gained more experience and further improved their skills. It was the penultimate training day, and the cadets especially needed the training in preparation for the final and joint 14th and 15th TD.