12th Training Day: Basic Weapons and Marksmanship
by COC Nicole Jae M Rodriguez, 4Cl
18 September 2010 at 1532H

The training day started with the continuation of the Platoon and Company Drills. The cadets practiced and improved their execution of the different commands while some cadets were having their makeup Physical Fitness Test.

Afterwards, a treat came to the cadets: for the first time as military science students, they were taught Basic Weapons and Marksmanship.

C2Lt Paolo Nicolo Perez, 2Cl first lectured about weapons (especially the M16A1 rifle): parts, cycle of operations, and the importance of gun safety. The cadetswere taught that to avoid any accident, always assume that a gun is loaded. They were also taught about the different positions and the cycle of breathing when firing as part of basic marksmanship.

Cadets triangulate using M16 rifles

Afterwards, groups of cadets were rotated around 3 stations. The first station was M16 field strip (assembly/disassembly), the second was triangulation using M16, and third was marksmanship using air rifles. Subsequently, some of the cadets had a little contest to see who can assemble and disassemble an M16 faster while others cheered on.

The Corps Commander times a cadet while assembling an M16 rifle

Even after the training day, they are still not done with weapons, for they will deal with dry and live firing of M16’s in the future.