11th Training Day: Basic Unit Formations, CTIS
by COC Nicole Jae M Rodriguez, 4Cl
11 September 2010 at 1717H

The eleventh training day kicked off with a Physical Fitness Test (PFT). First, the cadets had a timed run around the Academic Oval (2.2K). After a short water break, they marched back to the DMST complex for the rest of the PFT which is composed of push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups.

The lectures came after the PFT was over. The cadets were taught Basic Unit Formations including the smallest formation to the largest tactical unit and drill formations. After the lecture, the cadets put those formations into practice while learning different drills such as forming and dismissing a platoon to a company.

Cadets get ready to execute low crawl

There was also a lecture on Combat Training of the Individual Soldier (CTIS) that includes cover and concealment, day and night operations, and movements and crawls. The cadets then went outdoors wearing long sleeved clothing and bringing dummy rifles with them to apply what they have learned. They practiced the different crawls like the low crawl, snake crawl and stalking. They also practiced the three movement types: travelling, travelling overwatch and bounding overwatch.