UPROTC 2014: 10th Training Day: Field Stripping
CPvt Ruiz 4Cl, HQ
13 September 2013 at 0958H

Drills, bandaging and Field Stripping — These activities made the ROTC 10th Training Day one of the most exciting yet.

Early in the morning, we were asked to form in front of Classroom 2. We practiced different rifle drills from left and right shoulder arms to order arms. It took some time before all of us in the unit were almost synchronized in doing the drills. We were under the sun for some hours but it was definitely fulfilling when CMaj Fiestada 1Cl noted that we were improving and with more practice, we’ll be able to perfectly execute the drills.

Next activity was the bandaging lecture and exercise supervised by C1Lt Gemanil 2Cl and C1Lt Chua 2Cl. We were taught of the different bandaging techniques for injuries in the head, arms and legs, hands and feet, and chest and back. We have been consistently using the square knot because it’s stable but easy to untie. Then, C1Lt Chua 2Cl recognized the fact that in times of emergency, a rescuer may be in hurry or panic so muscle memory and constant practice is necessary.

Feeling excited of being able to assemble and disassemble a real M16 rifle, CMaj Alcain 1Cl gave a lecture on the parts of M16 and the cycle of operations when firing. CMaj Casia 1Cl gave a demonstration on how to assemble and disassemble the M16 rifle while naming its parts and functions. The platoon was then, divided into groups and each one in the group was given the chance to do the actual field stripping.

CMaj Casia 1Cl also emphasized the importance of speed and accuracy in field stripping. Later on, representatives from each group compete against each other. CPvt Bayuga 4Cl emerged as the fastest to disassemble and assemble the M16 but not fast enough to beat CMaj Casia 1Cl. The learning had been informative and fun.