The Tradition of Leadership
UP Vanguard Hall of Fame

Ambassador Nicanor T. Jimenez
Class of 1935

Ambassador Nicanor T. Jimenez is widely acclaimed for his nobility and courage as a veteran, his proven competence, and fidelity to the constitution and his passion for public service. As a professional soldier, he ably commanded the famous 14th BCT of the Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea.

A retired Colonel, he served with distinction in various capacities in the executive branch of the government notably as Assistant-Executive Secretary in the Office of the President, General Major of the Philippine National Railways, Chief of the Office for Veterans Affairs in the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C., USA, and later on as Ambassador to the Republic of Korea.

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Colonel Antonino R. Buenaventura
Class of 1955

Colonel Antonio R. Buenaventura is highly acclaimed for his brilliance in the field of Music. He took over the cudgels of the Philippine Constabulary and Philippine Army Bands and transformed them into one of the finest military bands in the world. Colonel Buenaventura is also a distinguished composer and educator. He composed the Symphony of C that won him the Cultural Heritage Award in 1966. He was a pioneer in the research on Philippine Ethnic and Folk Music. He founded several schools and became Director of the UST Conservatory of Music. In 1988, he was conferred the title of National Artist by the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

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Doctor Jose D. Drilon, Jr
Class of 1951

Doctor Jose D. Drilon, Jr graduated from the University of the Philippines in Iloilo in 1949 and took up Law and other courses at UP.

He became very active in the fields of agribusiness, agriculture, the academe, and community service, distinguished himself tremendously in these and other fields he laid his hands on.

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Doctor Quintin Juan Gomez
Class of 1939

Quintin Juan Gomez (1919 -2003), Father of Anesthesiology in the Philippines, strongly held the conviction that whoever delivered the “sleep of life” holds the patient’s life in his hands and has the responsibility to use all possible knowledge to bring back “wakefulness without pain”.

Quintin was born in Manila on 12th April 1919. He became a Bachelor of Arts in the University of the Philippines in 1939 when he was only just 20. He then entered the College of Medicine from which he graduated in 1944 during World War II. He managed to get to Chicago where, from 1956 -1948, he studied anesthesiology under Max Sadove.

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General Alfredo M. Santos
Class of 1929

General Alfredo M. Santos, the “Grand Old Man” of the UP Vanguard marked his military aspirations graduating Corps Commander and Honor Graduate of 1929. That was a time when it seemed that there was no chance for a real military career.

Since he entered the service as a first lieutenant in 1936, destiny led him by hand up along the pathways of valor. He figured in the early battles against the Japanese invaders in the Mauban-Atimonan defense, and led his first Regular Division troops in wiping out the enemy in the “Battle of the Pockets.”

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General Benjamin R. Vallejo
Class of 1952

Brigadier General Benjamin R. Vallejo was one of the authoritative exponents of the Citizen Military concept in the Philippines. He devoted major portion of his military career in the training of young cadets as the Commandant and Department Head of the UP DMST, and later on as Commanding General of the Metropolitan Citizen Army Command.

As a doctrinaire of the Home Defense Strategy, he conceptualized the “UP Sunday Soldiers” which later on expanded into DND/AFP “Rainbow” Project. These contributions earned him the respect of many in the field of Citizen Army Training and Youth Development.

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General Carlos P. Romulo
Class of 1918

Major General Carlos P. Romulo, born on 14 January 1899, was marked for a distinguished career, a multi-faceted one that brought him outstanding excellence in the fields of Journalism, Soldiery, Diplomacy, and Education – and history marks him at the top of these dimensions.

Serving in the Pacific War as a Major, he rapidly bridged the ranks to Brigadier General. The Filipino remember with candor “The Voice of Freedom,” which came through the airwaves when all seemed lost in 1942.

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General Domingo C. Tutaan
Class of 1941

Brigadier General Domingo C. Tutaan marks the true breed of a Vanguard whose leadership has been proven both in times of war and peace. A veteran of World War II, he held various key positions in the Constabulary, earning him numerous awards and decorations for heroism and gallantry in action. As an Accomplished leader armed with a vision to contribute towards nation-building, he pursued development endeavors after his retirement and dedicated his twilight years to the cause of the cooperative movement.

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General Fabian C. Ver
Class of 1941

General Fabian C. Ver of Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, started his military career as a third lieutenant with the guerillas during the Second World War. After the war, he continued his long trek to the top post of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

He trained in security and law enforcement, intelligence, police administration, and community relations in institutions here and abroad. Before his ascent to the country’s highest military position, he served as Commanding General of the Presidential Security Command and Director General of the National Security Agency.

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General Flaviano P. Olivares
Class of 1936

Brigadier General Flaviano P. Olivares, a decorated military officer, stands among the few whose military career spans three decades of dedicated service in the Philippine Army and Philippine Constabulary. A veteran of World War II, he has thrice been the recipient of the Distinguished Service Star and Military Merit Medal.

He has been inducted to the Allied Officers Hall of Fame of the United States Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, USA.

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