Scholarship Grants

Cadet Officers of the University enjoy numerous scholarship grants provided by the University and the UP Vanguard Inc. based on their years of stay in the corps and their academic standing.

  • The Cadet Officers’ Tuition Fee Grant (COTFG)
    Cadet Officers being duly registered student assistants of the University enjoy the benefit of tuition fee discounts in the form of the CADET OFFICERS’ TUITION FEE GRANT more commonly known as COTFG.


  • The UPVI Scholarship Grant
    Cadet Officers also enjoy the UP Vanguard Inc. Scholarship Grant which provides them with monetary incentives based on their academic performance, involvement in extra-curricular activities and ROTC class.


  • Corps Commanders’ Scholarship Grant (no longer offered)
    Corps Commanders of each UP, being exemplary examples of student leadership in the University benefit from this privately funded scholarship grant coursed through the UPVI.


  • University Chapter Leadership Grant 
    The University Chapter, an active chapter of the UP Vanguard Inc., provides a scholarship incentive for two (2) 1st or 2nd class cadet officers who have performed well in both their academics and duties in the Corps .