Benefits of ROTC

Why UP ROTC? More than a challenge, it is an Adventure.

  1. Because the subject matter is very interesting.

    The ROTC is carefully supervised and monitored by the UP DMST Training Staff. Training for cadets goes way beyond military subjects and drills. Among the many subjects taught are the following:

    • Military Leadership
    • Disaster Response
    • Map Reading
    • Rope Course and Jungle Survival Skills
    • Infantry Weapons
    • Rappelling
    • Small Unit Tactics
    • Communications
    • Field Artillery Training
    • Self-Defense
    • First Aid
  2. Because it is exciting.

    The excitement one could get from the military training UP ROTC offers is truly unique and different from other courses offered in the university. The vast array of activities ensures that there is something to look forward to every training day:

    • Firing real guns with real bullets.
    • Assembly and disassembly of rifles and pistols during field stripping.
    • Go through rope and obstacle courses.
    • Rappel down a 20 foot tower.
    • Visit military facilities and see the latest military hardware
    • Learn lectures from the finest military units in the area and very competent Cadet Officers.
  3. Because we learn skills hands on.

    Training is not simply composed of lectures. The focus is to make the cadets’ experience complete and very real.

    • Concepts like small unit tactics are simulated through paintball and air soft exercises.
    • The department has its own rappelling tower where cadets master the techniques of going down a 20-foot tower.
    • Very far from the stigma that the training is comprised of long hours of marching under the heat of the sun, part of the training is learning fancy drills and exercises that are used during some of the University and the city’s most important events.
    • Cadets are also trained in Basic Life Saving maneuvers.
    • Cadets get to participate in actual nation-building activities.
  4. Because it develops and improves oneself.

    ROTC develops personality and leadership skills that cadets may use to help them build successful civilian careers someday.

    Imbued with forthright moral values, the Corps dedicates itself to excellence and leadership aimed on nation-building and socio-civic welfare, through humanitarian assistance and ready response utilizing competencies learned intended for public service.

    Thereby will fulfill the Vision of:

    A standing corps;

    • Excellent and competent in the field of Military Science with elevated consciousness on humanitarian assistance and disaster response
    • Creative in expanding its social dimensions geared on socio-civic welfare
    • Dedicated to a life of public service committed towards nation-building
    • Inspired by love, compassion, and respect, founded upon by the principles of duty well-performed, honor untarnished, and country above self.

    Share our vision! Share our pride! Join the UP ROTC!