UP ROTC Distributes Relief Goods to Street Children
Article Written by: CCpt Adrian B Atas, 1Cl
27 March 2010 at 1203H

Relief Good Distribution 27 March 2010Amidst the busy schedule, the corps managed to give back to the society. On the 27th day of March, members of the corps distributed relief goods to the street children of Quezon City. Early morning, the corps reported in the Vanguard Building and repacked the goods in several plastics. Each pack contained cans of sardines, noodles, bottled water and crackers.

The fulfilling part, distribution was then set to take place. Like cadets in single file, the children lined in single file towards the room 107 in the Vanguard Building. The cadet officers distributed the packed goods and clothes to the children.

Brief picture taking moments after the distribution made the cadet officers and the beneficiaries bond for a while. The children were than escorted to the third floor mat area. Like a student free from school to attend a party, the children upon entering the room played like they own the time. Laughter filled the room as they jumped, rolled, wrestled and tumbled on each other. The scene was quite reminiscing for the legal aged cadet officers that were reminded of their childhood.

Human as they are, exhausted from the afternoon games, the children were lead down the building for final picture taking. Smiles and happy memories were cherished by all. Simple community building aids the nation in the littlest way in present time but goes a long way in the future days not yet known. Duty to the society and the country well performed, the UP Corps of Cadets is true to its mission vision to dedicate excellence and leadership aimed on nation-building and socio-civic welfare, through humanitarian assistance and ready response utilizing competencies learned intended for public service.