UP Cadet Officers meet the PMA Cadets
CCpt Roseanne D Realubin 2Cl
09 February 2013 at 0827H

Barn Hop. Silent Drill. Eco-trail. Barrio Fiesta. Testimonial Parade.

The UP Corps of Cadets had an educational tour at the Philippine Military Academy, Fort Gregorio del Pilar, Baguio City last 25-27 January 2013. With the UP ROTC Cadet Officers’ three-day integration to the Philippine Military Academy, Cadet Officers were able to experience such activities.

Cadet Officers were divided and integrated into the different companies of the AFP Cadet Corps and were able to experience the “Cadet Life” inside the Academy.

First on the list of activities is the Barn Hop Ceremony, a celebration dedicated to the graduating first classmen. Cadet Officers were able to socialize with PMA Cadets during the ceremony.

On the second day, the PMA Class 2015 presented a Silent Drill. Breath taking and stunning rifle drills and synchronized marching amazed the crowd. Surprisingly, they also danced pop music as part of the drill.

After the silent drill, Cadet Officers prepared for a 5-kilometer hike around the PMA Eco-trail. The route was steep and slippery which made the course more exciting and adventurous. At the end of the trail, the group had their picture taken at the giant Shaku at the entrance of Fort del Pilar.

Barrio Fiesta is a once a year military tradition wherein the different companies will prepare their own booth showcasing different parlor games. Each company presented a comedy skit on how the Barrio Fiesta started.

The third day showcases the arrival honors rendered to several generals by the 3rd Battalion, AFPCOC. The highest ranking guest of honor was MGEN MAXIMO G CARO, AFP. Everyone then proceeded to the Borromeo Field Grandstand for the Testimonial Parade.

The Cadet Officers also visited the Navy Base Museum and Army Museum. Replicas of some Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) were displayed in the Navy Museum. M50, M16 and other weapons were displayed in the Army Museum.

Finally, the guests, the whole Brigade of PMA Cadets and the UP ROTC Cadet Officers had their noon mess together at the Yap Hall.

The transportation means was provided by the 51st Engineering Brigade, Camp Atienza and Officer Candidate School, Camp O’ Donnell.

The Cadet Officers at the PMA Barn Hop Ceremony.

A PMA Cadet shows different weapons to the Cadet Officers at the Army Museum.

Cadet Officers explores the Navy Base Museum of the PMA.

The Cadet Officers ventured about five kilometres for the ecotrail.