Human Rights and DRRM Lecture at UP Mindanao
25 November 2014 at 1752H

In compliance of National Service Training Program (NSTP) Common Module, Human Rights and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) training was initiated for NSTP 1 (CWTS) students of UP Mindanao. Prof. Solomon F Lumba and Cadet Officers from UP Diliman ROTC Unit were invited to be the guest speakers held on November 15, 2014 at CHSS Wing, Admin. Bldg., UP Mindanao, Mintal, Davao City.

Prof. Lumba discussed first the Psychological Disaster. He explained its causes and how people usually deal with it. He introduced the Mindfulness Exercise and how it addresses psychological disaster by enabling the mind to rest to reduce stress. Then, he gave his series of lectures about Human Rights: Violence Against Women and Child (VAWC), Sexual Harassment, Anti-Hazing Law, and Illegal Arrest, Search and Seizure.

UP Diliman ROTC Cadet Officers CMaj Leah Marie S Gemanil, 1Cl and C1Lt Vincit Immanuel Q Tagoc, 2Cl, were the guest speakers for DRRM. They introduced Emergency Powers, Urban Water and Urban Fire. They also did a short presentation about UP ROTC.


C1Lt Tagoc 2Cl demonstrated how to make an emergency stove with the use of aluminum cans


UP Mindanao students were ecstatic they were able to build a circuit and light up a bulb using a battery

The one-day training was facilitated by Prof. Erwin E Protacio, Director of UP Mindanao’s Office of Extension and Community Services (OECS) and was assisted by four Cadet Officers from UP Mindanao ROTC together with 13 NSTP 2 (CWTS) students.