Construction of the new UPVI Cadets’ Library
23 June 2009 at 0800H

In commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of its graduation, The UP Vanguard Class of ’59 undertook the project of constructing a library for the UP ROTC Corps of Cadets.

On the first of Saturday, of the school year, June 23 2009, students enrolled in the ROTC and CWTS Military Science 1 Program were given a tour of the library.

The construction of this project was set out in two phases. The first phase started in November of 2008, with the room’s foundation being laid out. This included the transfer of doors, electrical work and the tile flooring. In January 2009, the shelves and tables were finally installed and the books were brought in.

There are at least 300 books in the library, with subjects ranging from management, to history and of course, warfare. Because the library’s target is mainly cadets enrolled in the NSTP program of the Department of Military Science and tactics, books on war fighting and tactical operations are included. A complete volume set of the History of United States Naval Operations in World War II occupy an entire shelf. There are books on World War II, and the War in the Philippines. The library also contains a collection of magazines like Military Technology, National Geographic, Time, Fortune and Forbes.

The library boasts of study tables, wooden chairs, and 5 computers with wide screen monitors and 100Mbps of internet. The library is equipped with two fans and two air-conditioning units.

So far, the Vanguard Library has been visited by a host of VIPs, including Sec. Gilberto Teodoro Jr., Boots Anson-Roa, Vgd. JP “Jomag” Magno 52, Undersecretary Ernesto G. Carolina and General Jaime De Los Santos.