Commandant’s Message (Christmas 2014)
25 December 2014 at 1351H

DMST Christmas Party 2014

DMST Christmas Party 2014

A joyous and meaningful Christmas to everyone!

Being in my second year of serving as the Commandant of the UP Diliman ROTC unit, I have witnessed the growth of UP ROTC.

I am proud that we have accomplished many things this 2014. It has emphasized the importance of volunteerism and service to the nation as young able-bodied citizens.

You may have experienced successes and failure during this year. May the successes inspire you all to do even better. As for the failures, may they lead you to become stronger, better versions of yourselves. Many calamities have devastated various parts of the country, however the spirit of bayanihan and patriotism lives on to help each other in times of need.

To the Cadet Officers, I admire all of your unwavering dedication and commitment to further improve the ROTC program. For the cadets, may you all continue to exhibit self-development here in UP ROTC as many activities are in store for you this 2015.

Let us continue to inspire the nation through our advocacy as the leading and pioneer ROTC unit in the Country, taking into heart its shibboleths of Duty well-performed, Honor untarnished, and Country above self.