Cadets, Sponsors Paint Smiles on Inmates’ Faces
By C1Lt Roseanne D Realubin 2Cl
10 September 2012 at 1617H

Cadet Officers and Sponsors, together with soldiers from the 51st Engineering Brigade, visited the inmates at the Bureau of Corrections – New Bilibid Prison, painting a smile on their faces.

Upholding the rule of maximum security, sponsors, cadet officers together with the Commandant, Col Silvino A Alcabasa Jr. CE (MNSA) PA, and few of his soldiers from the 51st Engineering Brigade were guided by Colonel Lemoso and his men from the Bureau of Corrections.

The tour around the bureau started with an orientation in the conference room where LtGen. Gaudencio Pangilinan (Ret), currently the Director of the Bureau of Corrections, sought an audience with the group. He welcomed the guests to the bureau and mentioned several innovations of the Bureau of Corrections under his administration, particularly for the inmates.

Col Lemoso, together with the superintendent, toured the team around the inmates’ community – complete with different churches, hospital, dormitories, playground, craft centers and even mini classrooms. With the sight of the guests, the inmates were very courteous in greeting them.

The team interacted with some of the inmates who were selling handicrafts or painting on canvass. Highlights of the tour were the BTV cable station where a band granted a song for the guests and theE-DalawCenterwhere inmates were free to chat online with their family members from faraway places.

After the tour, the team had their lunch and interactive conversation about the experience at a cafeteria inside the New Bilibid Prison. To show pleasure for the visit, the Batang City Jail group dedicated a carving on wood of an image of Jesus Christ.

The soldiers from the 51st Engineering Brigade from Camp Atienza included Major Gomez, Major Simbillo, Captain Delos Angeles, Captain Impas, and First Lieutenant Cobangco. Members of the Corps of Sponsors present were Ms Celeste Atas, Ms Maan Abugan, Ms Alyssa Boras and Ms Marge Manlutac. Cadet Officers in the team were CCpt Samuel Clark Thadeus Castro 1Cl, C1Lt Roseanne Realubin 2Cl, C1Lt Rana Monica Gregorio 2Cl, C2Lt Drenfurt Alcain 2Cl, C2Lt Fatima Dela Cruz 2Cl and C2Lt Caithline Bo Laguesma 2Cl.