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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information on NSTP and ROTC

What is NSTP?

  • The National Service Training Program (NSTP), under the Republic Act 9163, is a 2-semester program required for all college students. Students can choose among Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) or Literacy Training Service (LTS) to satisfy their NSTP requirement.

What is ROTC?

  • The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is one of the components of the NSTP. It is designed to “train, organize, and mobilize citizen soldiers for national defense preparedness [RA 9163].” It can be taken up by freshmen and continuing students to satisfy the NSTP requirement.

How long is the ROTC program? How many days per week and how many hours per day? What is the schedule?

  • Because ROTC is now under the NSTP, the basic course is taken for one (1) year. Training will be held on Saturdays, from 7am-12pm. That’s once a week, 5 hours per day.

Is ROTC required?

  • No. However, we highly recommend students to take up ROTC to satisfy their NSTP requirement.

Is ROTC for males only?

  • No. In fact, the Corps Commander for Academic Year 2010-2011  is a female.

They say that ROTC is pure marching and drills. Is this true?

  • No. ROTC cadets learn a lot of things including First Aid, Map Reading, Martial Arts, Marksmanship, Mountaineering and more. For more info, click here.

Will I have to buy the uniform?

  • No. In fact, AY 2010-2011 and AY 2011-2012 cadets were issued free uniforms.

Is there a height requirement?

  • None.

ROTC is not allowed for freshmen. Is this true?

  • No. ROTC is the only NSTP component that is allowed for freshmen. CWTS and LTS can only be taken starting sophomore year in UP Diliman.

Can I take ROTC during other years?

  • Yes. However, we recommend the freshmen to consider taking ROTC because it is the only NSTP component allowed for freshmen.

So if I finish ROTC during freshman year, I won’t have to worry about NSTP?

  • Yes.

Can I avail of the scholarships indicated in the brochures?

  • Yes, but only if you choose to become a Cadet Officer. For details on becoming a Cadet Officer, click here.

Can I transfer to another NSTP component? For instance, can I take ROTC for the first semester then CWTS in the second semester?

  • No, you are not allowed to transfer. The NSTP requirement should be taken in two semesters with the same course offered by the same department or college.

Is the training difficult?

  • The training will be challenging. However, we guarantee that every drop of sweat you shed during training will be worth all the skills and values that you will learn under ROTC. Training standards are set in order to ensure the best output given by the cadets, and in order to ensure the quality of graduates that UP ROTC produces.

Will taking up ROTC be bad for my academics?

  • Since ROTC aims to develop discipline among its cadets, undergoing ROTC training may even help you do good in your academics. In fact, two of our cadet officers (one taking BS Chemical Engineering, one taking BA Psychology) are running for magna cum laude.

I have a medical condition that might be triggered by training. However, I am interested in the program. Can I still enlist in ROTC?

  • Unless your medical condition will actually hinder you from undergoing the physical aspects of training (e.g. crippled), you can still enlist. In fact, a lot of our alumni have had medical conditions ranging from asthma to obesity to heart problems while they were still under training.

I am not physically fit. Will I still excel in ROTC?

  • As long as you have the drive to excel, you can get a high grade in ROTC. Many of our cadets who got a 1.0 grade did not start off with the perfect athletic body.

I have a lot of phobias, such as acrophobia (fear of heights). They might hinder me from learning skills in ROTC. Will I still excel in ROTC?

  • Enlisting in ROTC is the perfect chance for you to conquer that fear.

How can I enlist in ROTC?

  • Enlistment in ROTC follows the same procedure as enlistment in other subjects.  FOR MORE INFO ON ENLISTING IN ROTC, CLICK HERE

Why should I take up ROTC?

  • ROTC is one of the best leadership and adventure training courses in the University that essentially teaches practical life skills. It is able to develop discipline, build character, and hone the potentials of every cadet. It is an opportunity to lead and make a difference.


87 responses to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. Public Affairs Officer says:

    Floating subjects like NSTP ang PE do not affect the GWA of the student (this goes for UP only).

  2. Public Affairs Officer says:

    DMST has a department head.

  3. Public Affairs Officer says:

    You are very welcome to take ROTC. Just contact our UP Manila Coordinator at 09157941657. Hoping to see you next semester!

    By the way, we have 22 basic ROTC cadets and 1 cadet officer from UP Manila.

  4. Public Affairs Officer says:

    A clean haircut will do.

  5. Jay_ says:

    Are there privileges given to CAT officers taking ROTC like for example, in other universities, CAT officers in high school who took ROTC became NCO instead of undergoing the same training with the other students? Thanks 🙂

  6. Pichie says:

    is it needed to be the same nstp? like 2 sems of LTS/CWTS or can be one sem LTS and one sem CWTS?

  7. asdfghjkl says:

    Which is more difficult? ROTC or CAT (high school)

  8. Maxine says:

    Hi, what’s a ranger and raya?

  9. jo22 says:

    Sir, pwede po ba ‘yung school ko nung highschool magkaroon ng field trip sa dmst or kahit one day experience kung paano po yung rotc sa up? Thank you po, sir.

  10. yara says:

    tanong ko lang pag nakapagtake kana ng CWTS 1 and CWTS 2 required ka parin ba magtake ng NSTP ?

  11. oreo says:

    why don’t you guys have the list of names of the people who finished under each NSTP component?!

  12. royett says:

    is the R.O.T.C. still recognize for graduation?

  13. NSTPreviseit says:

    it is said that nstp will not interfere with our academics.. bakit sila pa ang nagpapakamajor??? yes it for national service.. but can we afford to loose our chance of becoming an honor student because the nstp coordinator has not reach his expectation.. or fail our exam because we need to memorize that.. this and this.. together with hell week?? with our major subjects?? we are fine with haircuts.. dont get me wrong .. the nstp mission and objectives is for the betterment of our country.. and we give a credit for that.. pero pls revise it.. na hindi talaga ito makaapekto sa acads namin…

  14. This issues should be lobbied in Congress. Colleges and the DMST are only implementing agencies, they only follow what are in the NSTP Law.

  15. Vanguard says:

    I already take cwts because that’s the only prog. available on school i chose, and i’m not aware that you can take “ROTC” on other school, i want to ask if i can still take ROTC on 2nd semester, even i already take CWTS 1?

    If no, can i still take ROTC next year? even i finished CWTS? i really want to be part of ROTC 🙁

  16. Dan Macrohon says:

    I am not aware of the current guidelines being implemented for NSTP. Essentially, the 2nd semester NSTP courses should have CWTS 1 and ROTC MilSci 1 as their prerequisite.

    You have to talk to both your school and the school offering ROTC if you want to cross-enroll. In your case, you can take ROTC anytime it is offered (almost always 1st semester).

    I suggest you finish CWTS 1 and 2 before you enroll in ROTC. Both will be credited as long as you finish the courses.

  17. Dan Macrohon says:

    No. As long as you complete both courses, you do not need to take other NSTP subjects.

  18. Dan Macrohon says:

    Each has its own factors of difficulty. To answer directly, ROTC is more difficult due to the greater load in college life. It may not be difficult as long as you can balance things or when you have a light academic load.

    ROTC will have a greater coverage and depth when it comes to lessons in the course, compared to CAT.

  19. Dan Macrohon says:

    These are the names of the UP ROTC units/companies. Please visit the respective information pages located in this website, and you may also check brochures uploaded or available at the UP DMST Complex.

  20. Dan Macrohon says:

    You have to talk to your school officials and request them to coordinate with the Department Head/Commandant of UP DMST. This has been done already in the past years.

  21. Dan Macrohon says:

    Graduates of both Basic and Advance Military Science are recognized by the school and by the Armed Force of the Philippines.

  22. Dan Macrohon says:

    Offices who hold the records of the students have the list of those who were able to finish their courses.

    This website does not contain such list.

  23. Vanguard says:

    So it means after i finished CWTS 1 and 2 this year, next year first semester i can take a “ROTC” on other school even I’m still studying at my current school? thanks for answer.

  24. Dan Macrohon says:

    Yes you can take it. The only problem will be getting approval from both schools. You can ask your college or any office that handles NSTP or cross-enrollment if you wish to take ROTC in other schools.

    I know several schools that train colleges that do not offer ROTC, but this may be already arranged between the two institutions. You are welcome!

  25. Teodoro Elumbrekano Karamihan says:



  26. gaile says:

    Transferee po ako from other UP Unit, doon po ako nakakuha ng NSTP 1 and 2 (which is passed or failed yung marking). Credited po ba yung NSTP ko kahit magkaiba nang grading system sa Diliman?

  27. Ann Faith Gabuatan says:

    What can a student gain from enrolling nstp?

  28. Mark Marquez says:

    SIR PAANO PO KNG ANG ROTC KO PO 1.5 units lng at yn NSTP po 3 units pero natapos ko na po yn rotc 1 at 2 yn 3 at 4 hindi pa need ko pa rin po ba magtake ng NSTP 2? thanks po sa tutulong sa problem ko po
    >So if I finish ROTC during freshman year, I won’t have to worry about NSTP?


  29. K Cruz says:

    I’m thinking about transferring to UP but I’m wondering if NSTP is a credited program needed for the application process. Can I just drop the course or do I have to go on?

  30. Mark John Gazzingan says:

    pwede po ba na kumuha ng dalaw ang components ng NSTP ?? tapos ko na po kuhain yung NSTP 1 at kasalukuyang kinukuha yung NSTP 2 pagkatapos graduate na kmi ng NSTP, pwede po ba na after ko makumpleto yung NSTP 1 and 2 mag take ako ng ROTC ?

  31. Joseph says:

    i’m afraid that i might have a hard time when I take up ROTC. Can i just take NSTP in my second year and enlist in CWTS?

  32. Nhey Sagad says:

    why ROTC disolved or removed to NSTP?

  33. Mae Francia says:

    is the reserve ROTC still recognize for graduation even without NSTP?

  34. Mae Francia says:

    what is the doration and equivalent force units of the ROTC,CWTS, and NSTP?

  35. danica oraa says:

    what are the requirements for NSTP ? 🙂

  36. Tj Papasin says:

    I got an “Incomplete” grade for my NSTP for last semester.
    Does that mean I can’t take NSTP the next semester because it needs to be taken for a year or can I take NSTP next semester despite having an incomplete grade??

  37. mel says:

    hi i would just want to ask what to do if you are not given a rotc grade your was omitted in the list however you enrolled that course and have the rotc training already and meron na syang certification but the rotc director told him n mg enroll ulit? d ba possible n sila yung umayus nung grades nung tao? thanks

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