Eva Estrada-Kalaw

Eva Estrada-Kalaw, (born June 16, 1920) is a Filipino politician, served as a congresswoman in the Congress of the Philippines for 7 years. (1965-1972). Serving in Congress during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos (Nationalist), she was part of a major transformation in Philippine domestic and foreign policies.

During this era of revising and strengthening the government, there was a major rise in student activism—primarily the activism was surged by the presence of governmental corruption and the US presence and dictation in the Philippines. Co-insiding with this rise of activism, was the rise of violence and communist ideology. On August 1, 1971, a bomb exploded at a Liberal Party rally at Plaza Miranda injuring several officials, including Senator Estrada-Kalaw. From this point, the Senator was part of a major effort to protest the newly pronounced dictatorship of Marcos, who in 1972 enacted martial law and went on to extend his presidency without limit until its eventual cessation in 1981. She continued participation in the government into the next decade. After the famous Edsa Revolution, she run but lost in the senatorial elections.