Kim Ronaline B Salvador

Kim Ronaline B SalvadorCorps Visibility: New Corps Commander’s Target

Cadet Kim Ronaline Bautista Salvador is the 2nd female Corps Commander in the stellar history of the UP Corps of Cadets. Asked about her plans for the Corps, she assuredly answered that she intends to make the Corps more visible to the UP Community this year.

Plans are now being finalized for socio-civic joint activities with other organizations and other activities that would further enhance the UP brand of leadership, culture of excellence and selfless service to the nation embedded in the training of all Cadet Officers and Cadets. Aside from this, the Corps also plans to hold sports fest, capability demonstration and fun run which are intended to make UP ROTC, under her leadership, more involved in the UP Community.

Cadet Salvador graduated grade school as a valedictorian and high school as a silver medalist at the La Consolacion College and Manila Science High School respectively. She admits that she was not active in school activities before, choosing to concentrate more on her studies.

Currently, she has more activities to attend to in addition to her studies as a psychology major at the College of Social Science & Philosophy (CSSP). Majority of these are Corps related. Notwithstanding, she has maintained her excellent academic standing being both a University Scholar and a UP Vanguard Incorporated recipient of the Leadership Grant. The grant is given to Cadet Officers who have performed well in both academics and in their duties in the Corps. Balancing academics and the Corps is by no means an easy task. Her performance is a testament to her dedication to all her responsibilities.

There are many challenges facing Cadet Salvador as she takes the helm of the UP Corps of Cadets as Corps Commander. Low student interest in ROTC and old facilities only tend to make the challenge a little more daunting.

With a strong sense of optimism, Cadet Salvador says that her training and experience in the Corps has helped her become more confident about her decisions, more self assured and composed, more decisive and more adept in handling problems and challenges. These traits will surely come useful as she leads the current Corps to make UP ROTC more visible with relevant and dynamic training activities for the coming school year.