Cadet Officers 2012-2013

The First Classmen

CMaj Macrohon



Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Manuel O Macrohon Jr, First Class
BS Biology
Corps Commander





CCpt Cruz





Cadet Lieutenant Colonel King Aaron I Cruz, First Class

BS Chemical Engineering
Corps Executive Officer





CCpt Castro





Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Clark Thadeus V Castro, First Class
BS Geodetic Engineering
Corps Training and Operations Officer, G-3



The Second Classmen

C1Lt Andaya





Cadet Captain Ma Rhea C Andaya, Second Class
BS Business Administration
Corps Logistics and Finance Officer, G-4



C1Lt Fiestada 



Cadet Captain Justin Oliver S Fiestada, Second Class
BS Chemical Engineering
Assistant to the G4- Logistics Room Officer




C1Lt Gregorio




Cadet Captain Rana Monica P Gregorio, Second Class
BS Geodetic Engineering
Barracks Commander
COCC 63-Bravo COIC



C1Lt Marteja





Cadet Captain Michaela C Marteja, Second Class
BA Psychology
COCC 63-Bravo Tactical Officer



C1Lt Realubin





Cadet Captain Roseanne D Realubin, Second Class
BA Public Administration
Public Information Officer & UP Manila Coordinator



C2Lt Alcain





Cadet Captain Drenfurt M Alcain, Second Class
BS Architecture
Civil Military Operations Officer, G7
Alpha (RAYADILLO) Company Commander



C2Lt Arellano





Cadet Captain Creszyl Joy J Arellano, Second Class 
BS Geology
Company Commander, Charlie (RESCUE) Company



C2Lt Casia





Cadet Captain Dan Roniel R Casia, Second Class
BS Metallurgical Engineering
COCC 63-Bravo Chief Tactical Officer



C2lt dela Cruz





Cadet Captain Fatima D dela Cruz, Second Class
BS Chemistry
Assistant to the Corps Administrative and Personnel Officer, AG-1



C2Lt Laguesma




Cadet Captain Caithline Bo A Laguesma, Second Class
BS Industrial Engineering
Corps Administrative and Personnel Officer, G-1




C2Lt Panlaqui





Cadet Captain Ronalyn B Panlaqui, Second Class
BA Public Administration
Company Commander, Bravo (RANGER) Company



C2Lt Perucho





Cadet Captain Greeny Joy A Perucho, Second Class
BS Biology
COCC 63-Bravo Tactical Officer